5th Birthday

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Children's Museum: Part One

Getting ready:  G. pondering different hair styles and K. working on her right eye with a dry cotton ball.

G. has success with combing his own hair and K. now working on her left eye.

At the Museum with some "trip" riding on the cow. (Note Bronco Stadium in the background)
In the workshop: safety glasses are a must.

Gavin: the engineer working on a precise design.
Kesleigh: being careful not to ruin the manicure Daddy gave her.

Preston:  demonstrating the "two hands and tongue out" technique.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Inside and Outside

Inside:  watching the morning weather forecast
Outside:  taking the toys for a walk

Inside: some ice cream with Cousin Josie at Baskin Robbins
Inside: developing our artistic skills
Inside:  developing our shopping skills with our own credit cards

Outside:  a snowman from the predicted March storm (L-R: Gavin, Josie, Preston, Kesleigh)